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Fall 2013 Newsletter

Seedlings   of   Knowledge    from


Motlow Creek Gardens and Village Gift Shops    Fall    2013   Vol.XXX   

Rain, rain  and more rain....

This summer's rains have been a blessing and a curse.   The above normal rains have caused an explosion in plant growth AND weeds!  We can help you get your jungle, I mean garden, under control!  Let us help you with correct pruning and weed control.

Brand New Landscape Company: 

We have an exciting announcement!   We are starting OUR   own landscape maintenance company! This has been years in the making and we are thrilled to be able to share this news with you.     No job is too small OR too big!

Updates  on  Garden  Life:

Rhonda is enjoying watching John, who is 6, play soccer and he is in  the first grade!

Sondra has had a busy summer!   Nathan ( 16) broke his collar bone and had to have surgery.   Hayden (13) has been attending theater classes.


Tiger Trowels      Wasp Jars    Folding Saws

Copper Flower Spinners    Audubon Windchimes

Kitchen Composters           Butterfly Feeders

Shepherds Hooks: 4 Sizes     Toad Houses

36" & 44" Hayracks            Bubbler Fountains       

Cardinal Nighlights             Fan Sculptures

Goldfinch & Chickadee Birdfeeders

Bobble Head Bird Picks - too CUTE!

Keep us in mind this fall  for PLANTING, PRUNING  and CONTAINER    PLANTING.

Rhonda,  Sondra, Gretchen  &  Trish

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