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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Fall   2014  Newsletter:

The Natives are coming, the natives are coming!   We have ALWAYS had native plants here at the gardens but this fall we are going bigger and better.  Take a look inside for a sneak peak at what we will have in the gardens for you.

FALL   PRUNING  AND   WEED CONTROL ..We are scheduling  fall  pruning  and  weed control  projects NOW.   Yes, we keep saying it just to make sure everyone knows, so hear we go again:   Sondra & I do WORK.   Yes, we will perform corrective pruning and hand weeding for YOU !!   Give us a call and get on our schedule -  (864) 468-4848.   Leave a message and we WILL call you back!

We  Host Groups:For the past thirteen years (Can you believe it !) we have been pleased to host garden clubs and other groups here at the gardens.   We are pleased to give an open invitation to local groups and clubs to use our lovely setting for your next meeting space. Groups may bring refreshments and we provide the rest!  Shop in the gardens and enjoy a garden seminar.   Best of all we do this  for  FREE!!   

Updates  on  Garden  Life:

Rhonda is enjoying riding bikes with John, who is 7. He is in  the second grade!

Sondra had a busy summer!   Nathan (18) traveled abroad this summer with a  leadership program.   Hayden (15) has been appointed to the Junior Advisory Board for the Spartanburg Little Theatre.

Keep us in mind this fall  for PLANTING, PRUNING  and CONTAINER    PLANTING.

Rhonda,  Sondra, Gretchen  &  Trish


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