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Homemade Remedies for Gardening Tips
5   Homemade    Remedies     For     Gardening

1.    Recipe   for   Homemade   Insecticidal   Soap:
    Add  1   teaspoon of a liquid soap   to 1 qt. of water.
    (Be sure the soap is real  -   the animal fats do the work.
    Detergents do not have animal fats.)
    Add 1 teaspoons of Murphy Oil Soap to 1 qt. of water.
    Use 2 Tablespoons in 1 gallon of water.
    (Murphy Oil Soap is a true soap).

2.    To   Kill    Weeds  in   a   Tight    Spot:
  Placed liquid weed killer in a Envelope Moistener (Available at Office-Supply Stores).
    This will let you apply weed killer next to your desired plants.

3.    To  Get  Rid  of   Black   Gnats   in  House  Plants  (Often  in  the  Summer):   Add 1/4 to  inch layer of play sand to the soil surface of house plants.  (The sand acts as a wall that the gnats can not push through.)

4.    To  Age  Terra-cotta  Pots:
  Paint new terra-cotta pots with buttermilk or plain yogurt with active cultures.  Put pots in a cool, damp, shaded place and algae and moss will begin to grow within a month.

5.    To   Add   Organic   Potassium   to   the   Garden:
   Add banana peels, coffee grounds or fireplace ashes to your compost
   pile.  After the above ingredients have disintegrated add them to your
   gardens.    Potassium causes better flower set and disease resistance.

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