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Pruning 101 at Motlow Creek Gardens
Motlow     Creek     Gardens     presents
“Pruning   101”
A.  Shearing    - Mostly done with hardy shrubs during the spring &  June. 
B.  Heading Back  - Controlling the size and shape of a plant.
C.  Thinning Out - This is done to control deciduous trees.
D.  Rejuvenation - Cutting back to the ground to start over.

2  T’s   of   Pruning
                     A.  Prune at a 45 degree angle.
                     B.  Prune limbs before a lateral bud. 
                     C.  Control direction of growth by pruning at a lateral bud.
                     D.  Make all cuts at outer lateral buds to open up a tree.
                        2.  TIMING   -   WHEN   TO    PRUNE.

A.   Spring Flowering Shrubs - Prune after they bloom.  

B.   Summer and Fall Flowering Shrubs - Prune during dormancy prior to spring growth.
  (Early March)  (Some  Hydrangeas, Beauty Berry) Blooms are produced during the current        growing season.
C.  Evergreen Shrubs - Severe pruning may be done during very early spring or late fall. 
 (Dec. - March)  Minor pruning may be done anytime, but is usually best after a flush of growth. (Chinese, Japanese,Inkberry)
D.  Deciduous Trees - Jan. or February when trees are dormant.
E.  Nandinas - As late as possible in the winter before the spring growth.
F.  Liriope/Mondo Grass and Ornamental Grasses - Jan. or February.
G.  Cedars/Firs - Early to late Spring.  (Feb./March)  Do minor pruning during early June.
H.  Spruces (Alberta, Colorado, Norway) - Winter.
I.   Hemlocks - Spring or Summer.
J.   Boxwoods - True Buxus (American or English) - Late Feb. for heavy Pruning.
K.  Hydrangeas - Oakleaf Varieties & Pee Gee:   Late Feb - March. 
         Mop Head Types: After Flowers bloom.          

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