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Brief Bio on Sondra
Sondra truly is a SuperMom  & a Super-Gardener

Sondra is the co-owner of Motlow Creek Gardens.   She has been a partner
at the garden center for  2 years and she  conducts Children's Seminars/Workshops
and she provides Container Gardening Planting  and Maintnanace Services.
Sondra is a native of Campobello, SC.  She has been happily married for  12 years.
She has two beautiful little boys:   Nathan,  a 9 year old duplicate of his mother and
Hayden, a 6 year old duplicate of his dad.
Sondra has an Associates Degree in Business and she is a master gardener.  
Sondra has the following memberships and affiliations:
    South Carolina Nursery  & Landscape Association
    Perennial Plant Association
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