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Various Garden Tips - Recycled


Recycle Milk Jugs:   Use milk jugs in the bottom of large containers to cut down on soil and  weight.   Use milk jugs just partially filled with water or sand to weigh down the edges of a tarp.  It looks strange, but it works !    

Recycle Frying Basket: Use a frying basket to sift compost.

Recycle Leaf Rake: If you have a leaf rake with broken tines, convert it to a shrub rake by cutting off the broken tines.  Perfect for cleaning out flower and shrub beds.

Recycle Pallets: Use discarded pallets to make a compost bin.  Stand 4 pallets on end and hold them together with tie wraps or wire.  The bins are easy to disassemble and move.

Recycle T-Shirts: Recycle old T-shirts into twine for plants.  A man's large t-shirt will make a strip about 1 " inches wide by 15-20 yards long. Start at the bottom edge of the t-shirt and cut around it in a continuous spiral.

Hide a Garden Hose: To hide unsightly garden hoses drill drainage holes in all 4 corners of  a large, heavy plastic storage bin.  Drill a larger hole on the side to pull the hose through.  Attach the lid to the container with a small chain so the lid is not lost.   Barry the bin in the ground near the hose bib.  When the hose is in use - open the lid and pull it out and then coil it back in place and replace the lid when your done.

A Dash of Ash: Protect ornamental plants from rabbits and bird by using ashes.  Collect ashes from grill, woodstove or fireplace.  Go out early in the morning while dew is on plants and dust the foliage with a fine layer of ashes.  

Meat Tenderizer on Insect Bites:   Meat tenderizers contain "Papain" an enzyme from papaya that alleviates pain and itching of insect bites and stings.  It must be applied immediately after the bite.  Use tenderizer without flavoring.  Wet the skin and sprinkle a small amount of powder on the skin.  

Protect Bulbs from Voles: When planting bulbs use a handful of sharp crushed gravel or marble chips to cover the bulb.  The voles will not dig through the gravel.


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