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Vole Proof Plants
Plants   Voles  Don’t   Eat  --- Yet!
Plants with a DENSE root system seem to have a better chance at survival than those with a loose, running  root system.  The following is a list of plants the voles are LEAST LIKELY to eat:

Coral Bells  -    Heuchera  species and cultivars

Bee Balm    -    Mondarda cultivars
Ferns -  A wide variety from Japanese Painted Fern, Autumn Fern, Sensitive Fern,  Arborvitae Fern  and  many, many others.
Goldenrod   -    Solidago  -- S. Carolina’s  state wildflower
Joe Pye Weed  -   Eupatorium
Turtlehead  -   Chelone
Source From  Fine Gardening – April 2008
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